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Anonymous pre/post assessments will be collected and correlated for each participant. One of our goals is to establish Equine Assisted Psychotherapy as an evidence-based treatment option for PTSD.

Sessions can be scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Participants are asked to commit to the 8 sessions resulting in optimum effectiveness.

Take advantage of the FREE services we provide to America's military, veterans, first responders and their families.

What We Offer - Our Services
Individual, Couple, or Family Sessions:

The body and the mind are intertwined, influencing, and being influenced by one another. Our bodies give us physical distress as a warning that something is "off," and we should make an appointment with the doctor. When we experience emotional discomfort, it signals that we require care and support. This could be any number of emotions, including trauma, grief, sadness, rage, depression, and anxiety. Clients explore the cause of the pain, release the trauma, and embrace peace by working with the horses.


Mental Health with Horses (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy / EAP) is a best practice model of therapy. It is a collaborative relationship between clients, horses, a mental health professional, and an equine specialist. The client’s mental health treatment plan, objectives, and interventions are the focus. Sessions are structured around the client’s needs and intentions working with the horses to unlock their solutions.


Participants receive eight (8) 60-minute ground-based counseling sessions with horses.  Sign Up Now!

Closed Groups:

Veterans and first responders can connect in a nonjudgmental setting by joining one of our groups. Reach out to and talk with people who have experienced similar experiences. Everyone faces mental health challenges, and it can feel like a lonely place. The group's candid conversations help participants understand they are not alone. Together, they listen, discuss, find answers, and hold each other accountable. The group members have shared how surprisingly rewarding their time at the farm is!


Participants will receive eight (8) 90-minute ground-based group counseling sessions, with horses. Groups will meet weekly and have a maximum of 10 people. Sign Up Now!

EMDR with Horses Sessions:

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) allows a client to focus on their traumatic memory while simultaneously experiencing bilateral stimulation. Bilateral stimulation is associated with a reduction in the vividness of the experience, which enables people to heal. During EMDR, the client identifies a specific situation and calls to mind what was seen, felt, heard, and thought during that experience. They identify what beliefs are currently held around it.


Horses provide a unique support while processing difficult experiences, providing an even deeper level of healing and grounding. The human mind, like the horses’ mind, can rest, do, react, respond, then return to a place of rest. Once the human brain has experienced trauma, energy becomes locked in the body and the central nervous system cannot return to rest. People often remain on alert with a fight, flight or freeze response, causing anxiety. Humans are taught to repress hard emotions or experiences, yet our body wants to heal and release.


Horses understand, see, and stand with clients as they revisit the memories, remaining grounded and calm. EMDR with a Horse reconnects the client with their core, or “true self”, allowing the natural healing powers of the brain to move through the traumatic experience.


Participants will receive eight (8) 60-minute ground-based EMDR counseling sessions with horses. Sign Up Now!

Herd Meditation:

Participants will experience a 90-minute Guided Herd Meditation that will combine stillness and movement. It can be done individually or as a group. Sign Up Now!


Meditation is a practice that focuses on mind and body integration and is used to calm the mental chatter. Meditation can include sitting, movement, breathing, sounds, visualizations, or mantras. It is used to aid in mindfulness – being present in the moment-by-moment of our thoughts, feelings, body, and environment. This experience will allow for a reduction in stress, anxiety, depression, blood pressure, and aid with memory, mood, and self-awareness!

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Reiki Sessions:

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive form of energy healing to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and improve physical/emotional wellness.


It decreases the symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood disorders, sleep disorders and hypertension. This is now utilized worldwide in the healing of humans and animals, including in everyday life, hospitals, hospices, and even in the VA for PTSD!  Reiki does not replace the care of a physician or a psychotherapist, however it does complement other treatment options as it increases the efficacy of healing.


Sessions are 60 minutes and can be experiences in the Healing Space at the farm. Clients lie on a massage table fully clothed, as Katie gently places her hands, palms down, on or just above your body in different locations. Katie is simply a conduit between the Source and the client. Reiki always works for your highest good, never causing harm.


Distant Reiki sessions are available for those who are not physically present in the office and can be scheduled via phone or Zoom. Animal sessions can also be scheduled for in-office, in-person, or distant appointments.

Reiki can be given to service animals as well! Sign Up Now!

BioMat Relaxation Sessions:

The FDA-approved infrared mat – The BioMat – combines the therapeutic qualities of amethyst crystals with “far infrared light” and “negative ion” technology! Sign Up Now!


Warmth and relaxation are provided by far-infrared light treatment, or heat therapy. The Biomat generates far-infrared rays using a combination of textiles and amethyst crystals, which are delivered to the muscles, tissues and even cells through heat. Warm, invigorating waves improve circulation, lessens discomfort, and promotes relaxation.


During your 45-minute session, clients lie on a massage table fully clothed, and feel the warmth penetrate your entire body and your mind.

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