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Welcome to Willow Equine.  Experience the Healing Connection.

Horses are Healing for the Mind, Body & Spirit. Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Healing

Willow Equine offers counseling, leadership development and wellness options, with horses, focused on reducing the impact of trauma, while rediscovering authenticity, confidence and trust. 

Experiences with horses promotes more effective change with more rapid growth as compared to traditional clinical and psycho-educational approaches. The experiential nature of working with horses, engages clients in their own healing/learning process. Clients reach solutions squarely on their own terms. Time spent with the horses is proven to be the most powerful approach to helping clients achieve and sustain personal and professional growth!

Are You:
  • Desiring clarity in life, perhaps looking at what is NOT working?

  • Allowing yourself the time in an emotionally safe space to be curious?

  • Excited to step forward on a deepened & accelerated Path to Healing?

  • Ready to engage in an innovative and effective form of healing?

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