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“Terrified of horses and wholly unfamiliar with Gestalt theory, I started this program with a good deal of trepidation. I trusted in its promise however, and am I’m incredibly glad I did.  


The horses offered a mental safety I can’t remember the last time feeling. In this safety, I was able to contemplate ideas, thoughts, memories, fears, label, constructs, wants and needs. I did what I wanted; I said what I needed. The horses reacted to my emotions, providing response, but always maintained their calm; ultimately emotionally supportive without being fundamentally affected. They modeled behavior for me while proving me safety.

Katie and Maria, our tour guides (professional facilitation team) on this journey, knew exactly when (and how) to engage, and when to let me be; allowing me to explore and think at my own pace. I am truly thankful for my time with Soul to Soles.”    Female Combat Veteran

Become Part of Something Invaluable

Join our mission as we “Stomp the Stigma” around mental health! Together we will reduce the impact of trauma on America’s military, first responders, and their families.

We need your assistance to increase awareness around the mental health and raise the necessary funds to continue to provide care.  Mental health, with horses, will save the lives of Veterans and their families, who have experienced unspoken hardships. Check out some of the ways you can help!

Thank You to our Foundational Sponsors!
& Thank You to Our S2S Partners!

We would not be able to provide the crucial FREE services for our veterans and first responders without the help of so many of our healing partners!

Arenas for Change 

Charlotte Vet Center 


Exchange Club of Mooresville / LKN 

Horses for Mental Health 

NC Serves

Veterans Bridge Home 

Welcome Home Veterans at Richards Coffee Shop

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