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We believe in healing the human’s mind, body and soul through connecting with nature and horses. Located in the Mooresville - Lake Norman area, we offer counseling, leadership development and wellness services, with horses, focused on reducing the impact of trauma, while rediscovering authenticity, confidence and trust.  


Willow Equine provides counseling, team building and wellness for teenagers and adults with an array of challenges and goals. 


 Soul to Sole Connection, a 501c3 organization, is dedicated to providing FREE counseling and wellness to America’s military, veterans, first responders and their families.


Horses are highly attuned animals that provide authentic connection, safe reflection and compelling feedback. The horses’ unique sensitivity aid clients to understand their own internal processes and create new perspectives.

We collaborate with freely moving horses to deepen the experiences, personalized insights, and outcomes. All services are ground-based, there is no riding or horsemanship. Horses' innate intuition and communication abilities teach their clients valuable lessons. The horses meet us in the moment, as we are, creating heartfelt awareness. They respond to subtle shifts in energy and thoughts, which allows stories to unfold. This offers the opportunity for clients to “get out of their heads” and rewrite their stories!


Clients experience long-lasting transformations when they witness, touch, relate to, and navigate through their stories.  When our stories change, we change!

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